Weekly INtentions

Usually I set a daily intention… but I will chime in each week with you guys to set a weekly intention.

What is an intention? This is what one tends to do or bring about. This can be a process of healing or to make yourself aware.

Of course, your intentions should be positive.

The weekly intention I have set is to bring LIGHT into other people’s day/week. Sometimes I get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day to day and even the week. I’ve noticed I tend to overlook the people around me. This does not just include the people in my home, but this could also be a neighbor, a stranger. Trying to balance work and home life, keeping up with family and all the things that life brings it seems like sometimes I miss out on the beauty of the world and people around me.

Bringing LIGHT to others can be something simple such as offering a smile… yeah yeah I know we are all wearing masks, but there are simple solutions.

Randomly smile at your family members your smile will change their mood. You can also FaceTime a friend or an extended family member. Simply share some words of encouragement with others by simply giving a compliment.

What are your weekly intentions?

Until next time…


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