Triggers are emotions that remind you of traumatic experiences you’ve had. This could be anything, someone’s voice, a song that may ignite a memory, or just a memory. You feel triggered because whatever that trigger is has disrupted your set of internal rules.

When I’m triggered… I don’t know right away what is causing it. I am just instantly frustrated and bothered. I have to sit with myself and/or meditate to figure out why I feel the way that I do.

I’ve come to realize though, that I’ll always be presented with triggers. But it’s my job to rise above my triggers.

Easier said than done… yeah I know.

To get me through….I keep telling myself I’m on a mission from The Universe to grow, to expand my soul, to BE! This is my mission and this helps me whenever I’m triggered to remember this one simple thing yet beautiful thing.

Being transparent here….

I’ve noticed that disagreements/arguments in my relationship is a trigger for me. My husband knows exactly what to say or not to say in some cases to set me off. This is a trigger and is natural. My job is to rise above it and channel my own energy. I’ve realized this and I’m still learning and growing. I know need to get better at answering and responding with compassion when it comes to my triggers, especially when in a disagreement.

Reminding myself … Always ask The Universe for guidance… see we all need a pep talk, here and there.

Don’t let that trigger get the best of you, man!

I know I have the power to channel my energy and I will choose how I want to respond. I choose to move forward with compassion and love. I will not let my triggers consume me.

It’s okay to be vulnerable. Be compassionate. Be brave.

Until next time ….


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