Lately, I’ve found myself in a transformative time in my life, it’s intentional. Not a negative thing at all, quite honestly, it’s magical. I have been in a state where I’ve been intentionally trying to learn something new and I mean all the time. Exercising more to become stronger, which helps me become physically and mentally stronger. I’ve also been learning new techniques to bring more peace into my relationships.

I want to be a lifelong learner. I feel I can always improve, always change, and always commit to growth. This of course is all for the better. Conscious transformation brings a powerful connection to to the world around you.

We are ever evolving beings. Everything is always changing… I won’t get into the science of things, but we aren’t the same person we were yesterday or even the same person we were 10 minutes ago. We are constantly manifesting newness.

So always ………

Honor your growth, honor your development. Trust the Universe with all of you as you manifest your destiny. Celebrate and welcome the new, celebrate and welcome the transformations into your life.

Take some time to reflect … you will then see that you are far better off from where you started.

And the more you evolve and transform you will create and manifest your destiny.

Until next time…


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