Did you know that most of your stress comes from the way that you react to others or whatever that situation is.

Yes, that’s right!!

It’s all in how you control yourself. How you respond, NOT THE WAY LIFE IS. Let’s say someone around you is having a bad day and you think they’re coming for your neck… How will you respond? Will you go off on them or will you remain calm or maybe not respond at all because remember they’re stress is not your stress. It’s all in how you handle things.

Change how you see things….

Sometimes it’s hard to look for the good in ALL situations, trust me I know. I’ve been there before. There could be a lot going on in your life and you may feel as if everything is going wrong,but I assure you that there is at least one thing that you can be grateful for, right? Use this as the rope or the life preserver to pull you out to the positive side. This one thing (whatever it may be) is your motivation to stress less and get back on track.

When things come up and we stress about them use them as lessons. These are opportunities to help us grow, grow into a better person. These lessons help us learn about ourselves, to heal ourselves. These lessons will teach us what triggers us, how to control the triggers, how to not allow the triggers to swallow us up and take control of our lives.

Stay on the positive path…..

Until next time…


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