So It’s Been A Minute….

Well the holidays are over and 2019 has begun, what are you doing?

I’ve been out here in these streets grinding.. LOL No, but seriously my schedule has been jammed packed with running the kids around, appointments I needed to have prior to 2018 ending, adapting to a lifestyle change (slowly, but surely), and all this while continuing to be a wife and mom because everyone knows when your schedule changes it throws the entire household off.

So enough of all that. What about you? Are you a “new year, new goals” type or do you just go with the flow? Or maybe you are kinda both?

I’m a goal driven person. I set new intentions for myself and usually follow through. It’s like a game to me. A game to better myself. In 2018 there was one goal that I did not complete, but this was out of about 8 or so goals that I had set. The point is, you may not complete all of your goals, but be sure to try your damnedest to do get close to completing them.

Always be positive. If you get discouraged take a step back and maybe write down steps that may allow you to achieve the goal(s) (you know baby steps) that you are having trouble with. I feel that when you put out good vibes, good vibes will come back around.

Some goals I have written out for myself are:

Read a different book each month for this year.

More family time

Volunteer my time with different organization

Just to name a few….

I know I’ve talked about goals before and I do think it’s important to talk about them aloud, write them down, and have friends/family to hold you accountable so that you can stay on track. This is a must for me because sometimes you need that extra push.

What are your goals? What intentions have you set for yourself? Have you accomplished any yet? Do you need an accountability partner?

Until next time…


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