Seven Day Cleanse

This past week I participated in a 7 day cleanse/detox with the gym that I go to, Burn BootCamp Fredericksburg (and no they aren’t paying me for this blog). Anyway, I wasn’t too sure about it in the beginning, but I figured what could I lose, weight ha that’s the point. Why not give it a try. Plus, I looked at it as a challenge,

My husband and kids were already betting against me (insert side eye). They just knew I was going to fold on the second day. Especially, since I couldn’t drink coffee. LOL NOTE: My family is very supportive, but we are very competitive with each other. So if we tell one another that we CAN’T do something it’s like a PUSH to do whatever that is even more.

Back to the cleanse…

So I started the cleanse last Monday and FORREAL YA’LL, days 1-3 were ROUGH. I was super grouchy, emotional, and tired. All I could think about was cookies, cakes, Chick fil a and coffee. Oh and the new Popeyes chicken sandwich that I couldn’t have that everyone was eating. In my mind, I was like WTF (which means, what the fart, because I have stopped cussing.. sideeye.. I’m trying,)


Days 4-7 I felt a lot better. I had my mojo back, lost the cravings, and I wasn’t emotional anymore. I still craved the coffee until about Saturday. Coffee addiction is real ya’ll. I impressed myself when I was able to cook for my family and not get mad that I couldn’t eat what they were eating.

During the cleanse I took vitamins, ate fruits, vegetables (even some of the fruits and vegetables were restricted). Little protein ( like chicken or turkey) since we do a full body workout, but not as much as I normally would. No caffeine, no alcohol.

The day after the cleanse…

Today is the day after the cleanse and I feel great. I kinda shocked myself. I feel so much better. Physically better, healthier, and even stronger. I do not have the cravings I had in the beginning. I didn’t crave coffee this morning, but thought adding back into my morning routine was a good idea. So I made a good ole cup of Joe and it was disgusting. Tasted terrible… I even got mad that it tasted bad. Confused, like what happened? What happened I’m guessing is that my taste buds have changed and I do not like it anymore. I say this because I brewed another cup just to make sure. lol I’m not quite sure how I feel about this yet, ask me tomorrow morning. lol

Overall, I feel sharper, mentally. Stronger and more confident in myself. I feel like I can conquer the anything I put my mind to.

So, what will my next challenge be…hmmm?

Until next time..


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