September is here! Let’s talk goals!

Okay, now that we’re a couple days into September. You’ve had enough time to think about your goals.

I’ve had great responses regarding goals and will be cheering everyone on as we knock out our goals together.

I sometimes look at my goals as a “to do list.” I feel so obligated to obtain my goals. I love checking my goals off once completed.  I kinda compete with myself to get things done. It’s also important to have an accountability partner. My partner holds me accountable for everything. I think this is the best way to stay focused.

So …….

My September goals are:

Seek a photographer for a professional shoot

Sell 8 plus items on Poshmark ( I’m a Poshmark Seller and love it) Check my link to shop my closet

Read more (at least 2 books this month) I’ll share the books I read.

Also, update my inventory system for Poshmark.

I may add more goals, but I do think this is a good start.

Until next time…


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