Self-Care is Trending

Self care is trending and it seems like everyone around me is jumping aboard.

But are you truly caring for self?

Self care means something different to everyone. I asked a handful of people what self care meant to them and I was given so many different answers.

Some said self care is taking a girls trip to the Bahamas. Others said taking a spa day and another said eating right and believe it or not another said masturbation.

I guess…. 🙂

I think all of these are accurate answers. When I focus on self care, I focus more on the mental aspect and being mentally well.  Sure, some of these activities named may aid in mental wellness because all these will lead to making you feel better, but everyone is not the same. Self care is unique to each person.

How do I practice self care?

I focus on the right now. For example, I have a habit of making a “to do list” and I mentally check off things while I am say meditating or working out. When during MY time I need to be focusing on working out or meditating, focusing on myself and what I am doing at the moment.

Some acts of self care I do:

Exercise, this makes me feel great. When I am exercising I try to only focus on exercising.

Taking a lunch alone vs eating at my desk is also something I do. Sometimes I get caught up in going to lunch with a coworker, but it’s okay to say no and take this time to reset.

I think if we pay attention to our bodies and listen to our triggers and address whatever the issues we are having head on. Self care and being mentally well will come easier and easier.

Self care is supposed to help you be in touch with yourself. Start doing things that will only have you focusing on yourself. So if you want to begin meditating start in small increments and your meditation time will increase. This is the same for exercise, or take a nap, start a journal, take a mental health day and connect with yourself.

Find things to do to disconnect. You deserve it.

What are some things you practice for self care?

How often do you practice?

Let me know via email or comments. If you are having trouble and need ideas to kick start your self care journey.  Reach out.

Until next time…


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