So, I started running again and let me tell you it has been a rocky start. I am not as fast as I used to be, my body isn’t used to the terrain or the treadmill for that matter. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? LOL!

The best I could come up with is life…. life is what happened. Sometimes shit happens….. I got out of the groove and my body was like “nah girl, whatchu doing to me?”

This doesn’t mean that I had to stop running. I just needed to approach running differently. Instead of thinking of time and speed I needed to switch it up a bit. Because during the run my mind is set to always do better than I did before. It was like my mind kept saying “beat your time, beat your time, faster, faster…..” I am always competing with myself and this is not always a good thing because this can also build insecurities… and who wants to build insecurities when you’re doing something that builds confidence.

So ….

I’ve learned this time round to be grateful of what I’ve accomplished each run, BE PRESENT. Take my time and just run, feel the run, enjoy my run and I listen to my body and not get so wrapped up in a time and speed. Whether I run a mile in 13 minutes or I run a 20 minute mile, both are okay as long as I enjoyed it. It’s about the feeling for me.

I’ve set goals for myself outside of time and speed. I signed up for a 5K and wanted to complete it. Guess what, I completed it and it felt good.

Here comes the point in all this…. what you’ve been waiting for right, lol

I needed to be fearless and overcome my challenges. Face my obstacles, but I needed to face them in a different way. Any moment of doubt that I have, I take a moment/a deep breath, center myself and say “I am bigger than this. Time and speed is not a factor. I am strong and I have what it takes to complete this.”

Go toe to toe with yourself and conquer your fears. It’s all a state of mind. You make the choice of the state of mind you want to be in, being ready is a state of mind. You are a conqueror and you can conquer anything, at your pace of course.

Until next time….


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