Triggers are emotions that remind you of traumatic experiences you’ve had. This could be anything, someone’s voice, a song that may ignite a memory, or just a memory. You feel triggered because whatever that trigger is has disrupted your set of internal rules.

When I’m triggered… I don’t know right away what is causing it. I am just instantly frustrated and bothered. I have to sit with myself and/or meditate to figure out why I feel the way that I do.

I’ve come to realize though, that I’ll always be presented with triggers. But it’s my job to rise above my triggers.

Easier said than done… yeah I know.

To get me through….I keep telling myself I’m on a mission from The Universe to grow, to expand my soul, to BE! This is my mission and this helps me whenever I’m triggered to remember this one simple thing yet beautiful thing.

Being transparent here….

I’ve noticed that disagreements/arguments in my relationship is a trigger for me. My husband knows exactly what to say or not to say in some cases to set me off. This is a trigger and is natural. My job is to rise above it and channel my own energy. I’ve realized this and I’m still learning and growing. I know need to get better at answering and responding with compassion when it comes to my triggers, especially when in a disagreement.

Reminding myself … Always ask The Universe for guidance… see we all need a pep talk, here and there.

Don’t let that trigger get the best of you, man!

I know I have the power to channel my energy and I will choose how I want to respond. I choose to move forward with compassion and love. I will not let my triggers consume me.

It’s okay to be vulnerable. Be compassionate. Be brave.



So, I started running again and let me tell you it has been a rocky start. I am not as fast as I used to be, my body isn’t used to the terrain or the treadmill for that matter. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? LOL!

The best I could come up with is life…. life is what happened. Sometimes shit happens….. I got out of the groove and my body was like “nah girl, whatchu doing to me?”

This doesn’t mean that I had to stop running. I just needed to approach running differently. Instead of thinking of time and speed I needed to switch it up a bit. Because during the run my mind is set to always do better than I did before. It was like my mind kept saying “beat your time, beat your time, faster, faster…..” I am always competing with myself and this is not always a good thing because this can also build insecurities… and who wants to build insecurities when you’re doing something that builds confidence.

So ….

I’ve learned this time round to be grateful of what I’ve accomplished each run, BE PRESENT. Take my time and just run, feel the run, enjoy my run and I listen to my body and not get so wrapped up in a time and speed. Whether I run a mile in 13 minutes or I run a 20 minute mile, both are okay as long as I enjoyed it. It’s about the feeling for me.

I’ve set goals for myself outside of time and speed. I signed up for a 5K and wanted to complete it. Guess what, I completed it and it felt good.

Here comes the point in all this…. what you’ve been waiting for right, lol

I needed to be fearless and overcome my challenges. Face my obstacles, but I needed to face them in a different way. Any moment of doubt that I have, I take a moment/a deep breath, center myself and say “I am bigger than this. Time and speed is not a factor. I am strong and I have what it takes to complete this.”

Go toe to toe with yourself and conquer your fears. It’s all a state of mind. You make the choice of the state of mind you want to be in, being ready is a state of mind. You are a conqueror and you can conquer anything, at your pace of course.



Getting enough rest makes you feel energized and uplifted. Makes you feel as though you can conquer the world. Being well rested gives you the foundation that allows you to have a bountiful life.

Not getting enough rest can hinder us in many ways. We would not be able to think clearly, manifest properly, and things will be thrown off balance…. especially our chakras. Our bodies sends us clear messages when we need to slow down and many times we ignore these messages and we become tired.

Take time out of your day to rest… take a nap, read, take a long bath, or even plan to go to bed an hour earlier. The Universe wants you to relax…. to chill. Meditation is also a great way to relax and restore.

Be rested and rejuvenated so that you may feel energized and vibrant. Be relaxed … be grounded. Making healthy choices for yourself are very important in taking care of yourself and getting ample enough rest.

So let it be.

Feeling Worthy

…. is the weekly intention.

You should feel WORTHY!

Everyone should feel worthy, but a lot of times we don’t.

We listen to the tiny voice in our head that tells us that we are not enough. We are more than enough!

Our worth is to be cherished. We need to look at this like a rare exotic flower or gem that we need to take special care of.

Silence the tiny voice because you are enough. You are worthy.

Step into your power and remember that you are worthy. You’ve have been worthy and you always will be.

Be connected to spirit and know that you are worthy. Whatever your heart desires, you deserve.

You are enough!

Stand as guard to the doorway of your thoughts so that you can reject all critical thinking.

You are worthy!


We made it!! 2021 is here….

This week leading up to today, Spirit had me focused on two words… Transformation (see previous blog) and Alignment.

Each year I set goals, listen to my dreams and desires so that I may manifest all these things into reality. What I have learned and that I plan to apply (more so starting this year) is to align my energy with what I want.

Nothing is impossible.

There have been times when I’ve felt defeated, like I felt I didn’t have anything to look forward to or nothing was going as planned. But I had to remind myself that I am important, I am a big deal.. sometimes your inner voice will keep you feeling small. Let me say that again…sometimes your inner voice will keep you feeling small.


I needed to ALIGN myself with the right thoughts. I will ALIGN myself with the right thoughts, especially in 2021 and so can you. If you decide for yourself that you are going to be sitting in a million dollar home or be a successful entrepreneur … you are absolutely worthy of this. Align yourself.

After I changed my thoughts and I stopped limiting myself. Everything started to align.

So for 2021, set your intentions, manifest what you desire and align. It’s really that simple.

I am so thankful that I am able to set my intentions, manifest my goals, my dreams and be in complete alignment. I welcome joy, love, and light along this beautiful journey.


We made it!! 2021 is here….

This week leading up to today, Spirit had me focused on two words… Transformation (see previous blog) and Alignment.

Each year I set goals, listen to my dreams and desires so that I may manifest all these things into reality. What I have learned and that I plan to apply (more so starting this year) is to align my energy with what I want.

Nothing is impossible.

There have been times when I’ve felt defeated, like I felt I didn’t have anything to look forward to or nothing was going as planned. But I had to remind myself that I am important, I am a big deal.. sometimes your inner voice will keep you feeling small. Let me say that again…sometimes your inner voice will keep you feeling small.


I needed to ALIGN myself with the right thoughts. I will ALIGN myself with the right thoughts, especially in 2021 and so can you. If you decide for yourself that you are going to be sitting in a million dollar home or be a successful entrepreneur … you are absolutely worthy of this. Align yourself.

After I changed my thoughts and I stopped limiting myself. Everything started to align.

So for 2021, set your intentions, manifest what you desire and align. It’s really that simple.

I am so thankful that I am able to set my intentions, manifest my goals, my dreams and be in complete alignment. I welcome joy, love, and light along this beautiful journey.

Weekly INtentions

Usually I set a daily intention… but I will chime in each week with you guys to set a weekly intention.

What is an intention? This is what one tends to do or bring about. This can be a process of healing or to make yourself aware.

Of course, your intentions should be positive.

The weekly intention I have set is to bring LIGHT into other people’s day/week. Sometimes I get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day to day and even the week. I’ve noticed I tend to overlook the people around me. This does not just include the people in my home, but this could also be a neighbor, a stranger. Trying to balance work and home life, keeping up with family and all the things that life brings it seems like sometimes I miss out on the beauty of the world and people around me.

Bringing LIGHT to others can be something simple such as offering a smile… yeah yeah I know we are all wearing masks, but there are simple solutions.

Randomly smile at your family members your smile will change their mood. You can also FaceTime a friend or an extended family member. Simply share some words of encouragement with others by simply giving a compliment.

What are your weekly intentions?

Sunday Meditation

My Sunday Meditation is about Change

I have the motivation to make the changes necessary for my growth. Sometimes you just have to say that to yourself over and over. I know I get stuck or comfortable, but I know I need to make a change. Everyone needs a little push sometimes to get started, but once you make the effort the change is worthwhile.

It’s all about your mindset. There are a couple of things I am going to change in my life and I’m going to start today!


Did you know that most of your stress comes from the way that you react to others or whatever that situation is.

Yes, that’s right!!

It’s all in how you control yourself. How you respond, NOT THE WAY LIFE IS. Let’s say someone around you is having a bad day and you think they’re coming for your neck… How will you respond? Will you go off on them or will you remain calm or maybe not respond at all because remember they’re stress is not your stress. It’s all in how you handle things.

Change how you see things….

Sometimes it’s hard to look for the good in ALL situations, trust me I know. I’ve been there before. There could be a lot going on in your life and you may feel as if everything is going wrong,but I assure you that there is at least one thing that you can be grateful for, right? Use this as the rope or the life preserver to pull you out to the positive side. This one thing (whatever it may be) is your motivation to stress less and get back on track.

When things come up and we stress about them use them as lessons. These are opportunities to help us grow, grow into a better person. These lessons help us learn about ourselves, to heal ourselves. These lessons will teach us what triggers us, how to control the triggers, how to not allow the triggers to swallow us up and take control of our lives.

Stay on the positive path…..

What Does Love Look Like In Your Life?

LOVE……..The first thing that popped up in my head was the song by Musiq Soulchild.

What can I say…I’m loved by so many, my kids, family, and friends. An abundance of love. But today I want to talk about the love my husband showers me with.

I couldn’t ask for a more caring, thoughtful, hands-on, creative, and compassionate husband. He connects with me on so many levels. He’s not shy with showing me just how much he loves me. I know you’re thinking, why would your husband be shy. What I’m saying is.. he doesn’t hold back. He tells me exactly how much he cares about me all the time.

He compliments my beauty every chance he gets. He tells me loves me every chance he gets.

Now I know to some this may not mean much, but to me this means a lot. The more I hear it, the deeper I fall in love with him. It seems as though as soon as he says these things I can actually FEEL his love.

This is what love is supposed to feel like and never get old. That’s what love feels like to me…

I know you’re probably like damn girl.. Is this blog all about him??? … why yes it is Sis!! I gotta give props to my King.

Don’t get it twisted though, love is definitely more than a person. I don’t want you to think this is the way that I think. That love is all about a man or woman… Nah. Love it bigger than that… I just wanted to show some appreciation because when I think of love my husband comes to mind.

So love is looking real good to a sista right now… why?

Love has healed me, love heals everything! Understanding the true definition of love has healed me… My husband has helped me understand the true definition of love and we are healing and helping each other. Love is being the best you can be in the relationship, being the best in any relationship.

So shout out to my husband, my forever husband. Thank you for loving me.

What Have I Learned That’s Most Important To Me!!

So my house is quiet (at the moment) so I figured I would write a little. I was prompted to talk about the most important thing I’ve learned at this age.

Well I’m 38 years old and I think I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ve talked about self-care/ self-love a lot in my previous blogs, but I truly feel this is what has been the most important had the most impact.

I think over the years I didn’t truly know who I was or I didn’t remember who I was until now. Yeah you read that right, I didn’t remember who I was . It’s like I lost touch. Some may understand. Anyway, I needed to dig deep within myself to get to know myself. I needed to listen to what MY needs and wants were. I had to focus on ME.

I didn’t shut anyone out in the process of all of this, but I put my needs before everyone else’s. How was I going to love my family and friends properly if I could not COMPLETELY love myself? Everyone may have a different definition of self care and self-love and to each his own or in other words If you like it, I love it. I just know what I needed to do for me and what has been working for me.

Self-care/Self-love is always going to be something that you have to continue practicing. To me it will be lifelong and it will become natural. Just remember to keep yourself centered. Also, having a support group whether it be family or friends.. reach out to them for support. You would be surprised at how much support you have within your circle. Initially, I was afraid to open up about my self-care journey and my wants and needs, but my circle has been truly supportive.

Self-love is what is important to me at this age. Doing things that I want, things that are best for me. Taking care of my mind, body, and spirit. Enjoying the time I have with the people I want to spend time with.

This is all about YOU. How you love yourself will reflect in how you treat others.

COVID-19 – Stuck at Home

A lot has changed in the last month. Really, a lot has changed just in a matter of days. Things may feel a overwhelming as we’re all dealing with COVID-19 and the impact it’s having on all of our lives.

We’re all being impacted differently. Some of us have lost jobs, some have to work more, some have the luxury to work from home. Others may not have anywhere to go and are homeless and others…..

My job is considered essential so I must report to work 50% of the time, but I’m able to work from home the other 50%, My kids are now home for the rest of the academic school year. School work is emailed to be completed and sent back. More information is being communicated each day. This is literally a day to day process. So a huge adjustment for us all.

Even though a stressful time, we seem to be managing. The kids are getting bored from time to time, but I try to find something for them to do. We have made a schedule and even though trying at times we stick to it.

When we find that things are becoming overwhelming we take breaks. Breaks from social media and news. Sometimes you just need to unplug. Here are some of the things we do:

Read a book

Take a walk outside



These can be done as often as you need.

What I’ve realized in all of this COVID-19 mess is everything around is temporary, The things that our lives revolve around, like work, going to the movies, the gym, shopping, buying toilet

This has taught me even more so that it’s my own home and family that keeps me safe.

2020: A quick little check in..

So it’s been a minute … I took some time off.

So many things have changed for the better. I needed to take some time for myself. I’m always preaching self care, self love and I found that I was getting so wrapped up in so many things and helping so many that I was neglecting myself. Now I’m still helping others, but no longer neglecting myself.

I needed to unplug for bit.

I needed to figure out who I was. What really makes ME happy. What I wanted to do. Where I wanted to be. You get it, right?

I questioned everything, but looked for the answers and found them .. and they all started from within.

Such an amazing feeling to know who you are and to live in your purpose.

Twenty Nineteen

It’s the last day of 2019 and the last day of the decade.

What a ride this has been. I’ll spare you all the details of a long drawn out blog about the up’s and downs that I’ve been though in a decade… BORING!!!

But lets give it up for TWENTY NINETEEN tho!! I’ve learned so much.

If I could give 2019 one word it would be, PERSEVERANCE.

The beginning of the year started out a bit rocky for me and my family. There were health issues for me and my husband. Family disputes that never were resolved and may never be resolved, but despite all of that we still were able to have a great year.

We’ve learned so much. I’ve learned so much. It’s amazing the things that you can learn when you take time out for yourself.

There’s that self love talk again… Ya’ll need to try it. I’m telling you, it works.

So about midyear I made some changes. I decided to push myself harder in the gym, eat a little more cleaner, challenge my kids a little more (school, chores, etc.) and also I started making more time for me (alone) and also with my husband. All of these things put a lot of things in to perspective for not only me, but for all of us. Also, most importantly I had to learn to let go of the past in order to move forward. * I will touch on this in upcoming blogs

I truly think that everything happens for a reason. I’ve learned this year that situations that people may think that are negative, well you can always find something positive out it. It’s a lesson in every situation. Once you’ve learned that lesson you keep pushing and moving forward.

This was not meant to be a motivational speech or anything, but I’m honestly just reflecting on my year, 2019.

Take some time out to reflect on 2019. Be thankful for what you’ve accomplished and be even more thankful for what you will accomplish in 2020.

My word(s) going into 2020 are ACCOUNTABILITY and ACTION.

So let’s get it poppin’ people!!!


Today is my birthday. The start of Chapter 38…

Fun Fact: My mom celebrates my birthday the entire month of November. I’m her only child. Sounds a bit much I know, but I actually enjoy it. Why wouldn’t I? On my actual birth(day) I celebrate her too, because she gave me life.

37 to 38….

This past year I’ve grown so much. I was determined to become a better person. Trust me, none of this happened in one day. I really feel as if it took me from my birthday last year until today.

I’ve learned so many things about myself. How to love myself, how to be at peace and understanding that I didn’t need to be in control of things all the time. Going with the flow. I’ve learned to let things go that were not in my best interest. I’ve also learned to set boundaries and stick to them and to be more in-tune with myself, listening to my intuition.

Most importantly, I’ve learned to be a better person to myself first. Because of this I’ve become a better wife to my husband and mother to my kids. I’m so very thankful for my family and friends who support me. It’s truly all appreciated.

So cheers to Chapter 38, because 37 has been an amazing year. I look forward to even better days and years to come.


What is your sense of self worth? Have you ever thought about that?

If you understand anything about a sense of self worth, understand that how you talk/think to yourself makes a difference in every aspect of your life.

Let’s look at it this way… what if I yelled mean things at you all day, all week for an entire month? Or for an entire year? Or how about your entire life? How would that make you feel?

I’m sure you would feel depressed, overwhelmed, and like you were not worthy. Let’s flip it… instead of the me doing the yelling and negative talking, that it was actually you talking down to yourself and thinking negative thoughts. All this leads to self hate and self destruction.

For some of us the negative thoughts may not start internally. This may have started with family and friends, but we’ve made ourselves believe that this is who we are.

I’ve been told by teachers, friends, and even family members that I would never be successful or have anything. How awful is that to say to someone? These people were supposed to be my support system. People that I could trust and count on, but they added to the negative thoughts that made me feel as if I wasn’t worthy. When I didn’t feel worthy, it also affected my relationships with others because I always had a guard up when I should have approached everyone with LOVE.

So I changed the way I talked to myself.

Everyday when I get up I read my affirmations. I have them taped on my bathroom mirror, in my phone, on my dresser. Pretty much everywhere! I’ve even written some for my husband and kids. Love begins within.

My Affirmations:

I am becoming more confident each day

I believe in myself

I will not worry about things I can’t control

I will be kind to myself and others today

I will be grateful for all that I have

I choose to be happy and to love myself today

My possibilities are endless

I am brave, bold, and beautiful

Today is going to be a great day

I am free of worry and regret

I am in love with myself and my body

Practice telling yourself this everyday and you will not have a choice but to live a more positive, love-filled life.


Over the past couple of months I’ve been doing a little soul searching. Reflecting on some things that have happened in the past. Wondering if some of those things could’ve been avoided, what I could’ve done differently? All of these are questions that I kept asking myself.

I have come to realize that, I can’t change the friendships lost, family ties broken, and the pain experienced from any of these situations. How could I possibly fix all of this? This was always a question in the back of my mind.


I decided to forgive, starting with myself. In order for me to gain the peace that I was searching for I had to forgive myself.

I had to forgive myself for mistakes that I made, poor decisions, bad habits that may have caused me harm, hurt that I’ve caused others (intentional or unintentional).

Don’t get me wrong… bringing up certain things from my past cause me pain and hurts to talk about, but that does not mean it has to disturb my peace. I had to learn to be strong enough to be able to overcome the triggers and maintain my peace.

I learned to stop making excuses for my past actions. Forgiving myself allowed me to be human. Telling myself, it is okay to make a mistake as long as I learned from my mistake. If a mistake caused someone else pain. It’s okay to apologize and move on. Some people will not learn the true meaning of this until the true meaning of forgiveness is learned.

In the past I would hold a grudge for so long. Like, no one could hold a grudge longer than I could. Only to learn that this was hurting me far more than the other person. This was causing me emotional trauma. Why would I want to do that to myself? Stupid, right?

I had to forgive my way through the issues in order to be at peace. It may not have stopped the pain or emotions that I felt and sometimes feel, but I’m no longer hold onto these situations.

Remember, everything takes time. Staying focused is important. What made this easier for me was remembering that, I can’t take responsibility for anyone else, but myself. The only thing I have control over is MYSELF.


I’ve struggled for years growing up and into adulthood of feeling like a failure. It didn’t matter what it was that I was tasked with. I would try so hard to perfect it that I would ultimately feel like a failure and sometimes not complete it.

I didn’t realize until about a year or two ago that I will NEVER be perfect at anything that I do. I no longer want to be perfect, nor do I want to feel like a failure.

This was not easy for me to overcome. I am a goal setter and I tend to check things off of my list of to do’s. So I feel when I do not complete my goals or when I don’t finish the “to do list”, I’m a failure.

Trust me, this is not how you should feel and this is definitely not the case. In fact, you should feel the total opposite. Again, this took some adjusting. I practically lived my entire life not wanting to fail at things. So I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

You have to look at failure as another way wanting to be perfect. So for example, perfection is like your boss who has a chip on his/her shoulder. So basically , no matter how hard you work he/she will find something for you to do/re-do or something that you’ve made a mistake on. And I mean ALL THE TIME. How over the top right? How insecure would that make you feel? You couldn’t help, but to feel like a failure, right? Now think of this as being your life work and personal.

Now back to my goal setting statement. I’m not saying setting goals is a waste of time because I feel as though that’s important. Setting goals has helped me long term. What I’m saying is, don’t consume yourself with meeting every single goal. It’s okay if you fall short as long as you keep going.

When you start thinking that you HAVE to be perfect at every little thing is when you begin to self -criticize and here comes your fear of failure. Next, you’ll begin to procrastinate. Then you’ll just give up all together and that’s not want you want to do. Giving up is not an option. You have to keep going.

One step at a time…

I had allowed not wanting to fail make me think that my family, friends, and just people would reject me. How can I possibly give advice about goals and hold others accountable when I failed at my own goals. This was how I felt. When in fact I had to tell myself that it’s okay to fall short as long as I kept moving forward.

Take some time and ask yourself…

Are you striving to be perfect? Why? Has striving towards perfection brought you satisfaction? What has striving towards perfection taught you about your self-worth? What causes you to feel like a failure? Do you have a circle of friends that hold you accountable? Why or why not?

Take some time to think this over and write down your thoughts. This will help you re-evaluate.

Seven Day Cleanse

This past week I participated in a 7 day cleanse/detox with the gym that I go to, Burn BootCamp Fredericksburg (and no they aren’t paying me for this blog). Anyway, I wasn’t too sure about it in the beginning, but I figured what could I lose, weight ha that’s the point. Why not give it a try. Plus, I looked at it as a challenge,

My husband and kids were already betting against me (insert side eye). They just knew I was going to fold on the second day. Especially, since I couldn’t drink coffee. LOL NOTE: My family is very supportive, but we are very competitive with each other. So if we tell one another that we CAN’T do something it’s like a PUSH to do whatever that is even more.

Back to the cleanse…

So I started the cleanse last Monday and FORREAL YA’LL, days 1-3 were ROUGH. I was super grouchy, emotional, and tired. All I could think about was cookies, cakes, Chick fil a and coffee. Oh and the new Popeyes chicken sandwich that I couldn’t have that everyone was eating. In my mind, I was like WTF (which means, what the fart, because I have stopped cussing.. sideeye.. I’m trying,)


Days 4-7 I felt a lot better. I had my mojo back, lost the cravings, and I wasn’t emotional anymore. I still craved the coffee until about Saturday. Coffee addiction is real ya’ll. I impressed myself when I was able to cook for my family and not get mad that I couldn’t eat what they were eating.

During the cleanse I took vitamins, ate fruits, vegetables (even some of the fruits and vegetables were restricted). Little protein ( like chicken or turkey) since we do a full body workout, but not as much as I normally would. No caffeine, no alcohol.

The day after the cleanse…

Today is the day after the cleanse and I feel great. I kinda shocked myself. I feel so much better. Physically better, healthier, and even stronger. I do not have the cravings I had in the beginning. I didn’t crave coffee this morning, but thought adding back into my morning routine was a good idea. So I made a good ole cup of Joe and it was disgusting. Tasted terrible… I even got mad that it tasted bad. Confused, like what happened? What happened I’m guessing is that my taste buds have changed and I do not like it anymore. I say this because I brewed another cup just to make sure. lol I’m not quite sure how I feel about this yet, ask me tomorrow morning. lol

Overall, I feel sharper, mentally. Stronger and more confident in myself. I feel like I can conquer the anything I put my mind to.

So, what will my next challenge be…hmmm?

Back To School

So my kids are back in school and I didn’t feel as prepared this year for them to go back to school as previous years.

I’m never really overly excited about my kids going back to school because I love being around my kids. When I hear some parents saying complaining about the food being gone all summer and they are happy they are going back to school. I’m like, well isn’t that why we as parents buy the food in the first place for our family to eat it?!?!? I mean who are we saving it for?

Anyway… that’s another blog.

As I was talking to my kids about their first and second day of the new school year and how things were going. I’m asking the normal questions (well my normal questions), do you like your classes? How are your teachers? Did you eat lunch? How was the lunch? Did you meet anyone new? You know all the questions us parents ask our kids.

And they were being nonchalant with their answers..

My daughter would say “school was school mom. I met some new people tho.” My son would chime in and say “what are we eating? I’m hungry. School is good, mom.”

So I backed off a little and gave them some space. I figured they were digesting the fact that were back in school, but really they were growing up.

This year’s first day back to school experience was very eye opening. It made me realize how independent my kids (the two I have left in school) have become. This makes me feel sad, but relieved. AND yes I said experience because every year when my kids go back to school the first day is a big ordeal. We have to take a first day of whatever year it is picture, we have to call their Nana, my husband(aka Dad) goes in late no matter their age. This has been going on since our oldest who is now 23 was 5. It’s a “thing” with us. LOL


I know I do not want my kids to depend on me(us) for everything, but I am happy that they come to me(us) when they need to. I’m very happy that we’ve built this bond.

So ..

Just because I do not know ALL of the details about their first day of school or the second. LOL Yeah, today’s the second day of school and I did pry a little bit… I’m trying okay. Work with me.

As I was saying..

Just because I do not know ALL of the details about their first or second day. It feels good to sit down and listen and talk to them about the things that matters to them because what THEY feel is important is truly what matters.

I hope your kids have a great school year!

100 Camps Strong

Okay, so I’m super excited because I hit 100 workout camps at the gym that I go to. When I hit 50 I think I was just as excited, but hitting 100 I never thought that I could do, but I did it.

My gym makes it a big deal for you and it makes it so special. What I mean by special is, you take a pic, you’re celebrated during/after class, like it’s a a great accomplishment and I feel they are amazing for celebrating everyone like this. Like I literally felt as if it was my birthday, lol.

Burn Boot camp is the name of the gym I go to and I’ve met some amazing people. They are basically my family now. They are very inspiring and we bring out the best in each other. I love them AND no I am not being paid to say any of this. I genuinely love my Burn Boot camp family.

Burn boot camp keeps me motivated. Exercising in general keeps me motivated. I didn’t always look at exercising this way. I looked at exercising as if I HAD to do it because it was the RIGHT THING TO DO. Now I love to exercise because I love the way it makes me feel.

Everyone has their own goals as I mentioned and if you’ve been following me (well I hope you have) you would know that my goals are to become stronger.

Exercising is important for someone with MS. For me exercising has helped me with my balance and strength. In the beginning, I was scared to exercise as I thought exercising would cause me more pain and fatigue. But really it has made me feel better. I have more energy and I am more mobile.

I’ve noticed that since I’ve exercised more I have to listen to my body more. If my body is tired, I will not exercise and I will rest. I do not want to over exert myself and cause an unnecessary flare up. What is a flare up? All of the symptoms I posted in my last blog, go check it out.

When I started exercising I started out slow because you have to figure out what exercises work best for you. For me, I do a boot-camp style workout 4-6 days a week depending on how my body feels. Remember, you have to listen to your body, always. I’ve noticed when I wasn’t working out I seemed to always be in a brain fog and always fatigued. My fellow MS’ers know about the brain fog.

Ultimately, I feel like by me working out reguarly will kick depressions butt and the moodiness, which in often accompanies MS.

So why not workout… there are so many benefits. I feel like if there is anything that will help me feel better, live better, and be better….why not.

Wonder Drugs … Yeah Right

Okay, so you have to know by now I have MS and since I’ve been diagnosed I’ve been on A LOT of medications. So many that I’m surprised I’m not a walking zombie.

Seriously, I felt like a guinea pig or a lab rat at one point because it seemed as if none of these medications were working for me and I would have to try another, and another and well you get the point. Nothing seemed to be controlling my flares.

The medications were from one extreme to the other. I would have to give myself shots once week, sometimes once a day, and at times I would have to go and get IV infused medicine. Oh and the side effects … some days it was so hard to even get out of bed. Working out was hardly an option, and going to work everyday was a pain, literally.

I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired, it was ridiculous.

It took me YEARS to figure out what the best medication was for me and really I can’t say that I’ve mastered it. I haven’t really mastered the whole “listening to my body” thing because well MS is a tricky little beast.

In between the different medications, I’ve changed my diet a million times. I’ve stopped eating meat, I’ve eaten meat, I’ve only eaten air, I’ve only drank water. Okay, some of that is an exaggeration, but you get my point. I’ve tried pretty much everything because I do not like taking medicine and did not want to take it so I figured I could make some changes with my eating as well. Anything to help, right?

Over the years, this has caused me to become frustrated, depressed, and I’ve also isolated myself from my family and friends at times. It’s been tough to say the least, like I truly felt at times that I didn’t have anywhere to turn. Taking so many medications at one time and the side effects will have you acting a little different and sometimes people do not understand that. So it was hard trying to explain this to people. I just knew I was not acting myself at times and I needed to find a solution.

After a billion more doctor appointments, I finally (fingers crossed) think I found a medication that is working for me. It has minimal side effects (which was my main concern) and it’s a pill. No more injections .. woo hoo. I feel like I have my life back. MS makes me feel overwhelmed sometimes, but I defiently feel like I have better control over this beast.

Also, having a great relationship with your doctor is so very important. I can’t express that enough. Doctors can seem intimidating, but you have to advocate for yourself. This is your health, your body, your life.

So, I’m happy to report that I have found a medication that works for me with minimal side effects.

MS And My Reality

I suffer from MS (multiple sclerosis). MS is a disease that can affect the brain, spinal cord, and nerves in your body. MS causes problems with balance, muscle control, and really just basic body functions.

Each person with MS is affected differently. Not one person is the same.

It took me years after being diagnosed with MS to realize that each day of my life would be different from here on out. There are days that I do not experience any MS related symptoms and there are days that I experience multiple symptoms at a time.

My symptoms are (this is what I call my MS reality):

  • Confusion
  • Extreme emotions sometimes (laughter, anger, crying)
  • Severe pain
  • Fatigue/exhaustion
  • Forgetfulness
  • Falls
  • Weakness
  • Numbness in some body parts
  • Insomnia
  • Choke on my own spit
  • Stagger when I walk ( I call this the drunk walk, but I’m not drunk)
  • Vision problems
  • Migraines/headaches
  • Shakes

Just to name a few…

Just to take a trip down memory lane… when I was first diagnosed with MS back in 2012. I literally thought I was dying. I am pretty sure my husband had had enough of my months long tantrum of trying to give up on life. I did not show this to the outside world, but my inside world (my home) it was different. I was moody, mad, you know the why me mentality and always making excuses. This was literally tearing my family apart.

Going to the doctor every 3 months for MRI’s of my brain, trying to figure the best medications to take, being pricked and poked. I was OVER IT.

One day my husband said, ” Look babe, you got to be stronger than your excuses. You have to be. If you aren’t strong I struggle to be strong.”

That hurt!!! But it opened my eyes.

This made me realize there are things that I will no longer live without. Which are:

  • A support system
  • A trusting doctor
  • A positive treatment plan that meets MY needs
  • Patience (I struggle with this sometimes)
  • A fighters mentality.. and not a knock you out, but a never give up attitude
  • The ability to accept help (this one is still tough, but I’m learning)

I’ve realized that MS is not a death sentence, but I’ve chosen to make this lifestyle easier for me. Easier by the foods I eat , exercising, picking the treatment plan(s) that are best for me and my lifestyle and of course, less stress.

Reality Check = Growth

So it’s been a minute. Yeah yeah I know, I’ve said that once before. I would say that I had writers block, but I didn’t. I kinda needed to fix myself. Physically and mentally.

Physically, well I live with MS and this is a roller coaster of a disease. You know when you think you have it all figured out. BAM!! Something comes hitting you like a ton of bricks and well you have to start all over. This was the case for me. I thought I had my MS in check, by working out 3-4 days a week, eating better, and by taking vitamins. You know, all the good holistic stuff. WRONG, MS is unpredictable and as I age and my body changes so can MS.

But that’s not what this reality check is about…

My reality check was more so about fixing myself mentally. Which, by the way is always going to be a work in progress because I feel not everyone will have all of their stuff together. There is always room for improvement.

So I’ve “preached” a lot about self care and have helped others achieve their goals, but neglected myself in the process. This led to me feeling stressed, being anxious, and emotional. This rubbed off on my family, which caused unnecessary stress in our home. Totally sucked for awhile.

So what has helped me overcome this, you ask…

  • I aim to eat healthier, everyday. Eating foods that are healthier actually put you in a good mood.
  • I make it a point to get 7-8 hours of sleep.
  • I take time out to take a lunch (I wasn’t doing this before). Taking a walk or reading during this time. Anything other than working.
  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, 3-4 days a week.
  • Keep a journal. This helps keep my moods in check. Try it.
  • Make time for myself. Massage, mani/pedi, etc
  • Spend time with supportive friends/family. Nothing like being around positive people.


These are just some of the things I do. The purpose of doing some of these things are to come up with things that will promote positive self growth. So that I can continue a healthy mental and physical lifestyle. Since I’ve been doing this consistently. I’ve noticed a change not only in myself, but in my family. Now look at GOD!! (Praise Hands)

So I said ALL of that to say, I’m back.

And oh, never neglect yourselves. YOU are important.

So It’s Been A Minute….

Well the holidays are over and 2019 has begun, what are you doing?

I’ve been out here in these streets grinding.. LOL No, but seriously my schedule has been jammed packed with running the kids around, appointments I needed to have prior to 2018 ending, adapting to a lifestyle change (slowly, but surely), and all this while continuing to be a wife and mom because everyone knows when your schedule changes it throws the entire household off.

So enough of all that. What about you? Are you a “new year, new goals” type or do you just go with the flow? Or maybe you are kinda both?

I’m a goal driven person. I set new intentions for myself and usually follow through. It’s like a game to me. A game to better myself. In 2018 there was one goal that I did not complete, but this was out of about 8 or so goals that I had set. The point is, you may not complete all of your goals, but be sure to try your damnedest to do get close to completing them.

Always be positive. If you get discouraged take a step back and maybe write down steps that may allow you to achieve the goal(s) (you know baby steps) that you are having trouble with. I feel that when you put out good vibes, good vibes will come back around.

Some goals I have written out for myself are:

Read a different book each month for this year.

More family time

Volunteer my time with different organization

Just to name a few….

I know I’ve talked about goals before and I do think it’s important to talk about them aloud, write them down, and have friends/family to hold you accountable so that you can stay on track. This is a must for me because sometimes you need that extra push.

What are your goals? What intentions have you set for yourself? Have you accomplished any yet? Do you need an accountability partner?



Last Saturday I hosted my friends and some family for friends-giving and we had a blast.

We caught up, ate until we were content, and drank until we were merry! LOL

What I loved the most was we all came together to show each other what we mean to each other. Sometimes LIFE gets in the way and we aren’t able to plan things together because again… LIFE. So this was a great.

We had traditional Thanksgiving food. Some friends-giving’s (so I’ve heard) are non-traditional where Mexican food is served or even pizza. Maybe we’ll try something different next year.

We played games (card games, drinking games, charades) and had a really good time. All in all we had fun

I’m very thankful for my friends and family. It’s always a good time when you can make memories with friends.

Happy Friends-Giving! Happy Thanksgiving!

trouble with. I feel that when you put out good vibes, good vibes will come back around.

Some goals I have written out for myself are:

Read a different book each month for this year.

More family time

Volunteer my time with different organization

Just to name a few….

I know I’ve talked about goals before and I do think it’s important to talk about them aloud, write them down, and have friends/family to hold you accountable so that you can stay on track. This is a must for me because sometimes you need that extra push.

What are your goals? What intentions have you set for yourself? Have you accomplished any yet? Do you need an accountability partner?

Self-Care is Trending

Self care is trending and it seems like everyone around me is jumping aboard.

But are you truly caring for self?

Self care means something different to everyone. I asked a handful of people what self care meant to them and I was given so many different answers.

Some said self care is taking a girls trip to the Bahamas. Others said taking a spa day and another said eating right and believe it or not another said masturbation.

I guess…. 🙂

I think all of these are accurate answers. When I focus on self care, I focus more on the mental aspect and being mentally well.  Sure, some of these activities named may aid in mental wellness because all these will lead to making you feel better, but everyone is not the same. Self care is unique to each person.

How do I practice self care?

I focus on the right now. For example, I have a habit of making a “to do list” and I mentally check off things while I am say meditating or working out. When during MY time I need to be focusing on working out or meditating, focusing on myself and what I am doing at the moment.

Some acts of self care I do:

Exercise, this makes me feel great. When I am exercising I try to only focus on exercising.

Taking a lunch alone vs eating at my desk is also something I do. Sometimes I get caught up in going to lunch with a coworker, but it’s okay to say no and take this time to reset.

I think if we pay attention to our bodies and listen to our triggers and address whatever the issues we are having head on. Self care and being mentally well will come easier and easier.

Self care is supposed to help you be in touch with yourself. Start doing things that will only have you focusing on yourself. So if you want to begin meditating start in small increments and your meditation time will increase. This is the same for exercise, or take a nap, start a journal, take a mental health day and connect with yourself.

Find things to do to disconnect. You deserve it.

What are some things you practice for self care?

How often do you practice?

Let me know via email or comments. If you are having trouble and need ideas to kick start your self care journey.  Reach out.

Coworkers and Gossip

I think a lot of us are guilty of gossiping, but I want to talk about gossiping at work. All I can say is…..DRAMA. Well that’s not all I will say, but only drama comes from gossiping in the workplace.

I know it may be hard (for some) to miss out on the latest at work, but work gossip will only lead to misunderstandings and will put you in an awkward position with your coworkers.

How should you avoid gossip in the workplace?

1.) You can always change the conversation.

Some do not feel comfortable changing the subject because you may appear as being rude, but sometimes this would be the best approach. This will let your co-worker know you do not want to entertain this.

2.) Simply walk away

I’ve walked away from gossip many times, especially if it is a group of people. This may come off as being rude, but it will show you do not want to be involved with what is going on. I think this method is the easiest and I find it to be the best option for me. There would be times when I would excuse myself (if there is only one person), but most of the time I just walk away.

3.) No Nonsense

I think everyone has standards and standards should be clearly set in the work environment.  If you set a no nonsense standard I think your coworkers will know not to come to you with gossip. Your coworker(s) will know you will not tolerate this because you are setting the tone. I mean after all we are at work to work, right?

Gossip and coworkers, just doesn’t mix. Avoid the drama. This will only lead to  miscommunication.

My Tween Daughter & Her Moods

I have a pre-teen or tween as some call it. She is 11 years old and very independent ( well so she thinks).

Most importantly I LOVE her and her personality. I love that she has come into her own.

BUT, what I’m not so enthused about are her moods. Sheesh!

The Kool Kid as I often call her can be a handful at times because I did not expect an 11 year old to throw a mini tantrum as toddlers do. She’s at the age where she is moody, over dramatizing, self-centered, closed-mouthed (when I need her to talk), focused only on friends, and let me not forget back-talking (insert side-eye).

I will say she is often mature in her decision making and she has become more affectionate. More hugs for mom and dad. YAY!

Often times I would sit back and think, what is happening to my little baby girl? Instantly realizing she is flooded by hormones, her thought process is changing, and she is being a typical pre-teen.

Sometimes I think she’s secretly planning to prove to me and her dad that she does not need us anymore because she’s GROWN. HA

Instead of fighting with her I’ve adjusted my parenting. Now don’t get it twisted when she does something that is over the top. I correct her, PERIOD. My husband and I believe in  the philosophy, we are the parent and YOU are the child.

What I mean by adjusting our parenting is we realize that we need to recognize what changes she is going through and adjust accordingly.

For example, we (as parents) must be willing to change some things. If she is becoming moody, instead of rolling my eyes and telling her to chill out. This is a cue for me to listen a little more. Even though she may not be upfront and tell me why she’s so moody, but she appreciates me listening more versus dismissing her feelings.

We have also started focusing on our relationship. In the past, I may have been super busy to sit down and actually focus on what she wanted to do. I was distracted with work, my phone, or just being a wife and mom. Now I dedicate time just for us. I’ll randomly hug her, goof around with her, and actually ask her what she would like to do.

Besides she’s the only girl (she has 3 older brothers)  so she deserves HER time without her brothers.

SLEEP is very important for this age. If she did not get a full nights sleep (8-9) hours she is in a WHOLE mood for the ENTIRE DAY.  So I make sure she is getting enough rest.

I also support her passions. If she loves to dance, I encourage it. If she wants to be a Scientist this week and a Veterinarian the next… I embrace it. I show her that whatever she wants to be she can be. She is at the age of finding herself.

I also openly talk about boys, girls, relationships, sex….. I think this helps with our communication. At this age, kids have strong feelings about EVERYTHING and I think showing empathy and again listening will help you as a parent. This also will help your child process things better.

I am NOT a perfect parent by any means and we all parent different. I have just finally figured out what works for me. I’ve noticed that once I listened more, viewed what they are feeling from their perspective it helped our relationship grow. I don’t just act. I give her the opportunity to express herself and I think she appreciates this.

I truly feel it’s my job to support her and this process she is going through because every relationship she has will be modeled on the relationship her dad and I are building with her.

Do You Self Sabotage?

In other words, do you block your blessings?

Some examples of this would be…. knowing you’re a morning person, but you stay up late anyway. Or waiting until the last minute to get things done causing anxiety.

I do these things  sometimes and I have to sit back and and re-evaluate… Why do I work against the things that I want? Do you find yourself doing this?

I have come up with maybe why it’s done. It has taken me some time in my personal life to realize these things, but being aware of the why and making adjustments has helped tremendously.

1.) Fear Of Failure

People may self sabotage due to fear of failure. Some may think they are doing something wrong (all the time) and are fearful to try anything new.

2.) Fear Of Success

This is when you work super hard and want to be successful, but feel comfortable where you are. So you’re just stuck in the same place. This hit home for me. I was afraid at one point to venture out to make new friends because I was betrayed by my old friends. So I was just stagnant and comfortable.. until I became aware of why I was doing this. I had to realize I could not let an old friend’s betrayal block my blessings for new friendships.

3.) Non-Believer

You may be sabotaging yourself because you simply may not believe in yourself or in anything that you do. Many just think nothing good will become of anything they do. This feeling is a result of past traumas.

4,) Impostor Syndrome

This is when you feel as if you’re not good enough. You may begin to walk around and be fake about your feelings. Putting on as some people call it. This will cause you to have many different emotions and it may make things hard for you to sort out. So you then begin to self destruct.


1.) Be aware and acknowledge when you begin to feel fear. Do not hide your feelings as you can use your emotions to grow. Being honest with yourself is the first step to take.

2.) Find out what the root cause is. Write down what you’re feeling and positive things you can do to change it. Keeping a journal will change your life.

3.) Find an accountability partner. Commit yourself and things will happen step by step. Having an accountability partner changed my life.

4.) Evaluate your situation. What helps you get through? What helps you stop (the sabotage) it? You have to recognize these things before moving on to what you are destined to do.

Stop blocking your blessings or self sabotaging. Realize this is a step by step process and will take time, but baby steps are better than no steps at all.

World Day of Prayer

Today is world day of prayer.

What is world day of prayer? This is when people from all around the world come together to celebrate the nature of healing.

Today is a day where you speak your affirmations and dig deeper into healing.

I am happy to say I participated. I have meditated, prayed, said my affirmations, and put out into the universe positive vibes.

I shared some time today at a church my cousin invited me to. I immediately loved the atmosphere. My cousin is a Reiki Master.

What is Reiki, you ask?

Reiki is a type of healing technique.  This is when a Reiki Practitioner/Master can channel energy into you by the way of touch. This will activate a natural healing process and also restore physical and emotional being.

I had my first Reiki session today and it was AMAZING. During my session I was so relaxed and I meditated during this time. Radiating positive energy into what I wanted for myself. It was very relaxing and refreshing.

After my session I felt a sense of calm, but with bursts of energy throughout the day.

I’m happy I decided to participate in world day of prayer and my Reiki session was a definite bonus.

If you are in need of a Reiki session, distance Reiki is offered as well.  Follow my cousin and reach out on Instagram (IG) i_am_apollonia.

So today, be welcoming to others and fill your community with hope, love, and joy!

September is here! Let’s talk goals!

Okay, now that we’re a couple days into September. You’ve had enough time to think about your goals.

I’ve had great responses regarding goals and will be cheering everyone on as we knock out our goals together.

I sometimes look at my goals as a “to do list.” I feel so obligated to obtain my goals. I love checking my goals off once completed.  I kinda compete with myself to get things done. It’s also important to have an accountability partner. My partner holds me accountable for everything. I think this is the best way to stay focused.

So …….

My September goals are:

Seek a photographer for a professional shoot

Sell 8 plus items on Poshmark ( I’m a Poshmark Seller and love it) Check my link to shop my closet

Read more (at least 2 books this month) I’ll share the books I read.

Also, update my inventory system for Poshmark.

I may add more goals, but I do think this is a good start.

August is Over

I love to write out my goals for the month and it’s like a game to me to complete. I completed all, but one of my goals for the month of August. I am not at all disappointed in myself as I know I’ve worked super hard to meet my goals and I’ve enjoyed myself while doing so.

September will be a new month with new goals.

I have not completed writing down my goals, but once I do I’ll share.

What are some goals you plan to set for September? How did you come up with these goals?

Side note: I truly appreciate the emails, the following, the suggestions. How could I possibly grow without your help.  Thank you, sincerely.

So let’s set some goals…

Misplaced Attitude

Misplaced attitude. Do you think you are being rational or have rational judgment about a situation(s), but truthfully you are not sure why you made the decision you made.

Word of advice. FIND YOURSELF.

I am a huge advocate for self-care. This is one of the first things I tell friends, family, or clients who are looking to figure out why this feeling of misplacement. Some do not realize they are misplaced.

Growing up many of us wanted to make others proud. Whatever we are doing, some of us want others to notice and give us a pat on the back or tell us great job.


Needing this have led to feeling empty because we are trying so hard to impress, feel full, and thrive off of what others tell us is a “great job”.

At one point, I wanted to make EVERYONE proud of me in EVERYTHING I did. It became a competition to try to accomplish SOMETHING that SOMEONE would be proud of me for. This was emotionally taxing because not everyone cared. This is what led to my misplaced attitude.

Take the KUDOS as a bonus….

I’ve also learned over time I needed to be proud of myself.

Sure it feels good to have a pat on the back here and there. But my ultimate goal was to not thrive from a pat on the back from someone else.

I’ve had to re-program myself to praise myself. (This is a form of self-care, BTW). I’ve noticed this has changed every aspect in my life.

You should try it.

I guess I’m going GREEN!

What is insulin resistance?

Basically it’s when the body doesn’t let insulin do its job as well and it’s harder for glucose to get into the cells. The sugar you eat turn into fat.

So I had a doctor appointment. I love my doctor, BTW. Well going over my labs she told me I was insulin resistant. Of course, I was floored and honestly didn’t know what to think or where to start even.  I was told the inflammation ( I have MS) has decreased, cholesterol is perfect, and everything else was great, stress levels, etc. So THAT was good news.

But insulin resistant… what the heck?

Then the series of questions. I felt as if I was being interrogated (not really, but you get my point.) How much do I work out? What foods do I eat. How many meals a day? What time of day do I start eating? She agreed I was doing a good job,  but my weight seemed to be creeping up. FOR. NO. REASON.

Well the reason is the insulin resistance. Too many carbs. What can I say, I like bread. But it’s time to cut it out.

So now I’m on a low carb diet. Every four hours I am “allowed” 25 carbs. The first day felt like torture.  So I kept asking myself, how am I going to do this? What do I even eat? My life is over. I’m going to be a starving ALL. THE. TIME.

I guess I’ll have to figure it out. I was given 4 months to get this under control naturally or I have to be put on medication. I HATE MEDICATION, more so the side effects caused by the medications, so this is a NO for me.

I have to really pay attention to what I eat. Oh, and fruits are not my friend. So its me living my best GREEN life, I guess. Broccoli never hurt anybody… I guess LOL

Four months from now I’m optimistic that I will conquer this this new lifestyle change because right now it’s challenging.

I’ll keep you posted.

Email me with any low carb tips or comment

Opinions.. Do they matter?

Opinions… Do they matter?

Do you care about the opinions others may have of you?

Do you feel like you’re open 24 hours for someone to give you their opinion of YOUR life?

I know a lot of us get caught up in the opinions of others or what people may think of us. This leads to the opinion making an impact on how we live.

We start analyzing the opinion. We start comparing. Doubting decisions that we’ve made. Driving ourselves crazy…. for no reason. Why?

I used to be like this because I wanted to appease EVERYONE. I realized (after some time)nothing else mattered, but what I thought and what I wanted to do.  If I’m okay with my decisions, why does the opinions of others matter?

I think people get caught up with the “outside world” and what they are “supposed” to look like. But what are we “supposed” to look like? What are we supposed to act like? How are we to raise our kids? Treat our husbands/wives, partners?

I have my husband to thank for bringing me to reality years ago. Showing me that an opinion is just an opinion. He would tell me over and over again, “who cares what anyone else thinks.”

I think a lot of us have said this time and time again, but get caught up of trying to show others what we are doing versus showing others who we really are.

It took me time to realize that I was happy doing what I wanted to do without comparing. Without caring about the opinions of others. Yes, I still listened to the opinions, but their opinion did not dictate my life or the life of my family.

You are BE*YOU*TIFUL! Be who you want to be. Be who you are.

Why I Blog

Why do I blog? Is what someone asked me….

I’m an amateur at this whole blogging thing, but I’ve always loved to write things down. This included taking notes, goals, brainstorm ideas. I wrote all of this down somewhere.

Many people do not express themselves this way, but I find it therapeutic. I think writing is another form of self-care. Plus depending on the the subject I may be of some aide to the audience. Plus, it’s fun.

Aside from blogging, I am a certified health and life coach and I think blogging has become an outlet for me to help others without people reaching out to me directly.

Who doesn’t want free advice.

It’s a win, win.

But don’t hesitate to contact me (send me an email or comment) for health and life goals that you want to set. I specialize in that. 🙂


This is why I blog.

Stress Eating

Do you eat due to stress?

Let’s talk about it….

When I have a lot on my mind, I eat. When I’m happy, I eat. When I’m bored, I eat. You get the picture, right? I eat when I’m stressed out. I know I know, I said I was a happy eater too, but this is not always a good thing when I don’t always eat the right portions or make healthier choices. This leads to overeating, weight gain, stress, and depression.

I have decreased the amount of food I eat and when I eat. When I have cravings due to stress. I try to rationalize with myself and say it’s because I just love food (which is true), but I have come to realize that I do not have to eat ALL of everything. I learned that stress eating has consequences.  I have come to realize after having health issues that eating to appease my feelings is not healthy. I had to turn things around.

I needed to get my shit together and quick.

When I was in the process of changing my eating habits. I felt as if the weight was not coming off fast enough (I still feel this way sometimes), but over time I realized, losing weight (the right way) took time. This was not a quick fix.

I am more mindful of what I’m eating and how much I’m eating. Also, if I’m feeling stressed and I crave something. I drink lemon water. Yes, lemon water is my go to.  Usually once I drink a bottle of water, I’ve ether forgotten about the craving or I’m full from the water. This works for me. You will need to find what works for you.

Having support is also a huge factor. Someone you can talk to about what you’re feeling and hold you accountable of what you’re eating. This will change your life, it has for me.

A close friend of mine used to say, “learn to eat like you give a fuck.”

Do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions.

Do you have the support you need?

Do you give good advice?

I was asked if I listen to all the advice I’m given. No, I don’t. Why? because not all advice is good advice or given with good intentions. I’m not saying that everyone who gives you advice is being malicious, but take everyone’s advice regarding YOUR LIFE with caution.

When I’m given advice I’m always mindful of the source. You will need to decide if the person who is giving the advice is someone who has some type of influence on your life.  You will have to decide if you will take or just listen to the advice. Again, I can’t stress enough to do so with caution.

I typically only give advice when it’s wanted. Unless I’m giving this advice to my kids or husband (totally different blog for that). When I give advice I try to make sure I’m as considerate of the person and the situation they are wanting advice on. You have to be able to view all sides of the situation.

My goal in giving advice is to have the person see all sides and not just their side. Usually the advice will potentially change their life whether it’s big or small.

Try not to be bias when giving advice. For me, when I seek advice I do not want to be judged. This time is a time to have a open conversation without any criticism, but true advice should be given. This again leads me back to take advice with caution, not everyone wants you to succeed. Be confident in yourself to know what advice to take and what advice not to take.

So be considerate when giving advice. Don’t be an asshole and never give advice maliciously.

Always be mindful of the source when asking and when giving.

Holistic Healing Journey

I had no idea what holistic healing, holistic health, or anything healthy was about 6 years ago when I was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis). This was very devastating to me and my family. I did not know what it was and how I would feel. I was just a big ball of anxiety.   I was going to the doctor once a week, being poked and pricked, and suffering through brain scans once every 3 months. I just knew I was dying (I can get a little dramatic, you’ll learn that over time).

Fast forward 3 years…

I had a really bad “flare” this is when the inflammation from MS or other autoimmune diseases cause “something” (everyone is different) to happen and you will need some type of medication to treat the “flare.” BTW, I hated taking the medications I was prescribed because the side effects were so bad.

In my case, the “flare” I had I was not able to walk. It felt as though my legs were numb all the time. I had to have infusion therapy medication everyday for 2 weeks and my mobility did not return for about a month after my treatment. This drove me nuts, considering I am always on the go with my kids, you know being a mom.

I decided something had to change. What could I do to better my mood, health, and my overall self. I would do anything at this point to stop taking these medications. The side effects truly sucked.

So, I looked into holistic health/healing and this has been the best decision I have ever made. I started taking vitamins, eating a plant-based diet and exercising consistently. None of this was a walk in the park in the beginning, but one step at a time really does help.  I had my days (I was a moody bish), but I powered through every workout, the diet change and it has paid off because I do not take any prescription medications. I feel so much better. I think this is the best I’ve ever felt.

What do I do you ask? or maybe you didn’t ask, but I’ll share anyway….

I am currently on a plant-based diet. I noticed eating plant-based has significantly reduced the inflammation in my body. I am not perfect, so if you see me eat a blueberry muffin that contains dairy, don’t judge me. I like blueberry muffins ..okay.  I still have cravings like a nice juicy Chick Fil A sandwich and I am working on that. 🙂  I also take vitamins, such as B-12, D-3, Magnesium, Turmeric and each have helped me with my MS and overall health and I feel great. I also exercise 5-6 days a week. I am still building my endurance and have set goals that I want to meet, but I am very active. I used to feel horrible (mentally) about my weight and that I wasn’t losing enough, etc.etc. But now I can honestly say I love myself (that’s self-care. I’ll talk about that in another blog). I do care about my weight, but I feel great so I love how I feel more than checking the scale every week.

Holistic Health has worked wonders for me. I love the way I feel and I want to continue to feel this way… so I’ll stick with it.  If you have any questions or concerns and want help, reach out to me. You do not have to be sick to want more information. You do not have to be sick to look into holistic health. If you feel good, aim to feel better.

What is your mission statement?

Have you ever considered outlining a mission statement for your life? I gave it a little bit of thought, but haven’t really sat down and put anything on paper until now.

When you think about a mission statement, what comes to your mind? The first thing that popped up in my mind was a place of employment. I would never think to actually make a mission statement for my life, but why not it kinda makes sense, right?

So when I sat down and really thought about it, I love being happy. Genuinely happy, not the fake happy. We’ve all faked being happy before. Like you know when you’re smiling to trick your brain into thinking that you’re happy.

I feel the purpose of my life is to bring happiness and growth to my family, friends, and all that I may be able to influence. I will bring happiness all while living an abundant life of integrity. I truly want to live my best life and have the people around me wanting to live their best lives too.

How will I do this, you ask. Well, it’s really simple. Lending a helping hand and being positive while doing so will make the world of difference to someone.

I want my life to be a statement of love and compassion. Helping others is truly my purpose. Bringing happiness to others is truly what life is about.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! I welcome you as I take this journey of sharing with the world, my life. Being a wife a mother and most importantly overcoming obstacles that life has thrown my way. I live a plant-based life, I love anything to do with fitness, and I serve a blunt dose of reality. Besides, sometimes that’s what we all need.

Thank you for the positive vibes and enjoy!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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