Last Saturday I hosted my friends and some family for friends-giving and we had a blast.

We caught up, ate until we were content, and drank until we were merry! LOL

What I loved the most was we all came together to show each other what we mean to each other. Sometimes LIFE gets in the way and we aren’t able to plan things together because again… LIFE. So this was a great.

We had traditional Thanksgiving food. Some friends-giving’s (so I’ve heard) are non-traditional where Mexican food is served or even pizza. Maybe we’ll try something different next year.

We played games (card games, drinking games, charades) and had a really good time. All in all we had fun

I’m very thankful for my friends and family. It’s always a good time when you can make memories with friends.

Happy Friends-Giving! Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next time….


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