Do You Self Sabotage?

In other words, do you block your blessings?

Some examples of this would be…. knowing you’re a morning person, but you stay up late anyway. Or waiting until the last minute to get things done causing anxiety.

I do these things  sometimes and I have to sit back and and re-evaluate… Why do I work against the things that I want? Do you find yourself doing this?

I have come up with maybe why it’s done. It has taken me some time in my personal life to realize these things, but being aware of the why and making adjustments has helped tremendously.

1.) Fear Of Failure

People may self sabotage due to fear of failure. Some may think they are doing something wrong (all the time) and are fearful to try anything new.

2.) Fear Of Success

This is when you work super hard and want to be successful, but feel comfortable where you are. So you’re just stuck in the same place. This hit home for me. I was afraid at one point to venture out to make new friends because I was betrayed by my old friends. So I was just stagnant and comfortable.. until I became aware of why I was doing this. I had to realize I could not let an old friend’s betrayal block my blessings for new friendships.

3.) Non-Believer

You may be sabotaging yourself because you simply may not believe in yourself or in anything that you do. Many just think nothing good will become of anything they do. This feeling is a result of past traumas.

4,) Impostor Syndrome

This is when you feel as if you’re not good enough. You may begin to walk around and be fake about your feelings. Putting on as some people call it. This will cause you to have many different emotions and it may make things hard for you to sort out. So you then begin to self destruct.


1.) Be aware and acknowledge when you begin to feel fear. Do not hide your feelings as you can use your emotions to grow. Being honest with yourself is the first step to take.

2.) Find out what the root cause is. Write down what you’re feeling and positive things you can do to change it. Keeping a journal will change your life.

3.) Find an accountability partner. Commit yourself and things will happen step by step. Having an accountability partner changed my life.

4.) Evaluate your situation. What helps you get through? What helps you stop (the sabotage) it? You have to recognize these things before moving on to what you are destined to do.

Stop blocking your blessings or self sabotaging. Realize this is a step by step process and will take time, but baby steps are better than no steps at all.

Until next time….


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