Do you give good advice?

I was asked if I listen to all the advice I’m given. No, I don’t. Why? because not all advice is good advice or given with good intentions. I’m not saying that everyone who gives you advice is being malicious, but take everyone’s advice regarding YOUR LIFE with caution.

When I’m given advice I’m always mindful of the source. You will need to decide if the person who is giving the advice is someone who has some type of influence on your life.  You will have to decide if you will take or just listen to the advice. Again, I can’t stress enough to do so with caution.

I typically only give advice when it’s wanted. Unless I’m giving this advice to my kids or husband (totally different blog for that). When I give advice I try to make sure I’m as considerate of the person and the situation they are wanting advice on. You have to be able to view all sides of the situation.

My goal in giving advice is to have the person see all sides and not just their side. Usually the advice will potentially change their life whether it’s big or small.

Try not to be bias when giving advice. For me, when I seek advice I do not want to be judged. This time is a time to have a open conversation without any criticism, but true advice should be given. This again leads me back to take advice with caution, not everyone wants you to succeed. Be confident in yourself to know what advice to take and what advice not to take.

So be considerate when giving advice. Don’t be an asshole and never give advice maliciously.

Always be mindful of the source when asking and when giving.

Until next time…

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