Coworkers and Gossip

I think a lot of us are guilty of gossiping, but I want to talk about gossiping at work. All I can say is…..DRAMA. Well that’s not all I will say, but only drama comes from gossiping in the workplace.

I know it may be hard (for some) to miss out on the latest at work, but work gossip will only lead to misunderstandings and will put you in an awkward position with your coworkers.

How should you avoid gossip in the workplace?

1.) You can always change the conversation.

Some do not feel comfortable changing the subject because you may appear as being rude, but sometimes this would be the best approach. This will let your co-worker know you do not want to entertain this.

2.) Simply walk away

I’ve walked away from gossip many times, especially if it is a group of people. This may come off as being rude, but it will show you do not want to be involved with what is going on. I think this method is the easiest and I find it to be the best option for me. There would be times when I would excuse myself (if there is only one person), but most of the time I just walk away.

3.) No Nonsense

I think everyone has standards and standards should be clearly set in the work environment.  If you set a no nonsense standard I think your coworkers will know not to come to you with gossip. Your coworker(s) will know you will not tolerate this because you are setting the tone. I mean after all we are at work to work, right?

Gossip and coworkers, just doesn’t mix. Avoid the drama. This will only lead to  miscommunication.

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