We made it!! 2021 is here…. This week leading up to today, Spirit had me focused on two words… Transformation (see previous blog) and Alignment. Each year I set goals, listen to my dreams and desires so that I may manifest all these things into reality. What I have learned and that I plan to […]



Lately, I’ve found myself in a transformative time in my life, it’s intentional. Not a negative thing at all, quite honestly, it’s magical. I have been in a state where I’ve been intentionally trying to learn something new and I mean all the time. Exercising more to become stronger, which helps me become physically and […]


Weekly INtentions

Usually I set a daily intention… but I will chime in each week with you guys to set a weekly intention. What is an intention? This is what one tends to do or bring about. This can be a process of healing or to make yourself aware. Of course, your intentions should be positive. The […]