Back To School

So my kids are back in school and I didn’t feel as prepared this year for them to go back to school as previous years.

I’m never really overly excited about my kids going back to school because I love being around my kids. When I hear some parents saying complaining about the food being gone all summer and they are happy they are going back to school. I’m like, well isn’t that why we as parents buy the food in the first place for our family to eat it?!?!? I mean who are we saving it for?

Anyway… that’s another blog.

As I was talking to my kids about their first and second day of the new school year and how things were going. I’m asking the normal questions (well my normal questions), do you like your classes? How are your teachers? Did you eat lunch? How was the lunch? Did you meet anyone new? You know all the questions us parents ask our kids.

And they were being nonchalant with their answers..

My daughter would say “school was school mom. I met some new people tho.” My son would chime in and say “what are we eating? I’m hungry. School is good, mom.”

So I backed off a little and gave them some space. I figured they were digesting the fact that were back in school, but really they were growing up.

This year’s first day back to school experience was very eye opening. It made me realize how independent my kids (the two I have left in school) have become. This makes me feel sad, but relieved. AND yes I said experience because every year when my kids go back to school the first day is a big ordeal. We have to take a first day of whatever year it is picture, we have to call their Nana, my husband(aka Dad) goes in late no matter their age. This has been going on since our oldest who is now 23 was 5. It’s a “thing” with us. LOL


I know I do not want my kids to depend on me(us) for everything, but I am happy that they come to me(us) when they need to. I’m very happy that we’ve built this bond.

So ..

Just because I do not know ALL of the details about their first day of school or the second. LOL Yeah, today’s the second day of school and I did pry a little bit… I’m trying okay. Work with me.

As I was saying..

Just because I do not know ALL of the details about their first or second day. It feels good to sit down and listen and talk to them about the things that matters to them because what THEY feel is important is truly what matters.

I hope your kids have a great school year!

Until next time…


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