Hi I’m Lakeisha Willis. I’m a wife and mother of 4. An MS (multiple sclerosis) Warrior, and a certified life coach. Trying to live a holistic way of life. I’m a little quirky, a fitness lover and I'm all about self-care. Sharing a little bit of my world with all of you.

Self-Care is Trending

Self care is trending and it seems like everyone around me is jumping aboard. But are you truly caring for self? Self care means something different to everyone. I asked a handful of people what self care meant to them and I was given so many different answers. Some said self care is taking a […]


Coworkers and Gossip

I think a lot of us are guilty of gossiping, but I want to talk about gossiping at work. All I can say is…..DRAMA. Well that’s not all I will say, but only drama comes from gossiping in the workplace. I know it may be hard (for some) to miss out on the latest at […]


Do You Self Sabotage?

  In other words, do you block your blessings? Some examples of this would be…. knowing you’re a morning person, but you stay up late anyway. Or waiting until the last minute to get things done causing anxiety. I do these things  sometimes and I have to sit back and and re-evaluate… Why do I […]


World Day of Prayer

  Today is world day of prayer. What is world day of prayer? This is when people from all around the world come together to celebrate the nature of healing. Today is a day where you speak your affirmations and dig deeper into healing. I am happy to say I participated. I have meditated, prayed, […]


August is Over

Well August is over… Which to some means the ending of summer. But to me each month is a new beginning. A clean slate.   I love to write out my goals for the month and it’s like a game to me to complete. I completed all, but one of my goals for the month […]