Holistic Kei

Welcome, my name is Keish. I am a healer by nature. A Transformational/Spiritual Coach. Holistic Wellness Wellness Educator, Blogger, and Reiki Master.


Lately, I’ve found myself in a transformative time in my life, it’s intentional. Not a negative thing at all, quite honestly, it’s magical. I have been in a state where I’ve been intentionally trying to learn something new and I mean all the time. Exercising more to become stronger, which helps me become physically and […]


Weekly INtentions

Usually I set a daily intention… but I will chime in each week with you guys to set a weekly intention. What is an intention? This is what one tends to do or bring about. This can be a process of healing or to make yourself aware. Of course, your intentions should be positive. The […]



Did you know that most of your stress comes from the way that you react to others or whatever that situation is. Yes, that’s right!! It’s all in how you control yourself. How you respond, NOT THE WAY LIFE IS. Let’s say someone around you is having a bad day and you think they’re coming […]