Holistic Kei

Welcome, my name is Keish. I am a healer by nature. A Transformational/Spiritual Coach. Holistic Wellness Wellness Educator, Blogger, and Reiki Master.


Triggers are emotions that remind you of traumatic experiences you’ve had. This could be anything, someone’s voice, a song that may ignite a memory, or just a memory. You feel triggered because whatever that trigger is has disrupted your set of internal rules. When I’m triggered… I don’t know right away what is causing it. …



Getting enough rest makes you feel energized and uplifted. Makes you feel as though you can conquer the world. Being well rested gives you the foundation that allows you to have a bountiful life. Not getting enough rest can hinder us in many ways. We would not be able to think clearly, manifest properly, and …

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We made it!! 2021 is here…. This week leading up to today, Spirit had me focused on two words… Transformation (see previous blog) and Alignment. Each year I set goals, listen to my dreams and desires so that I may manifest all these things into reality. What I have learned and that I plan to …

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