August is Over

Well August is over…

Which to some means the ending of summer. But to me each month is a new beginning. A clean slate.

I love to write out my goals for the month and it’s like a game to me to complete. I completed all, but one of my goals for the month of August. I am not at all disappointed in myself as I know I’ve worked super hard to meet my goals and I’ve enjoyed myself while doing so.

September will be a new month with new goals.

I have not completed writing down my goals, but once I do I’ll share.

What are some goals you plan to set for September? How did you come up with these goals?

Side note: I truly appreciate the emails, the following, the suggestions. How could I possibly grow without your help.  Thank you, sincerely.

So let’s set some goals…

Until next time….


2 thoughts on “August is Over”

  1. Well I am a college student and my goal is to get all A’s for all my test I have in September. I am also writing my second book and I hope to have completed 2 more chapters by the end of September.

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