Misplaced Attitude

angry bad john art black and white emotion
Photo by Jan Prokeš on Pexels.com

Misplaced attitude. Do you think you are being rational or have rational judgment about a situation(s), but truthfully you are not sure why you made the decision you made.

Word of advice. FIND YOURSELF.

I am a huge advocate for self-care. This is one of the first things I tell friends, family, or clients who are looking to figure out why this feeling of misplacement. Some do not realize they are misplaced.

Growing up many of us wanted to make others proud. Whatever we are doing, some of us want others to notice and give us a pat on the back or tell us great job.


Needing this have led to feeling empty because we are trying so hard to impress, feel full, and thrive off of what others tell us is a “great job”.

At one point, I wanted to make EVERYONE proud of me in EVERYTHING I did. It became a competition to try to accomplish SOMETHING that SOMEONE would be proud of me for. This was emotionally taxing because not everyone cared. This is what led to my misplaced attitude.

Take the KUDOS as a bonus….

I’ve also learned over time I needed to be proud of myself.

Sure it feels good to have a pat on the back here and there. But my ultimate goal was to not thrive from a pat on the back from someone else.

I’ve had to re-program myself to praise myself. (This is a form of self-care, BTW). I’ve noticed this has changed every aspect in my life.

You should try it.

Until next time…




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