Today is my birthday. The start of Chapter 38…

Fun Fact: My mom celebrates my birthday the entire month of November. I’m her only child. Sounds a bit much I know, but I actually enjoy it. Why wouldn’t I? On my actual birth(day) I celebrate her too, because she gave me life.

37 to 38….

This past year I’ve grown so much. I was determined to become a better person. Trust me, none of this happened in one day. I really feel as if it took me from my birthday last year until today.

I’ve learned so many things about myself. How to love myself, how to be at peace and understanding that I didn’t need to be in control of things all the time. Going with the flow. I’ve learned to let things go that were not in my best interest. I’ve also learned to set boundaries and stick to them and to be more in-tune with myself, listening to my intuition.

Most importantly, I’ve learned to be a better person to myself first. Because of this I’ve become a better wife to my husband and mother to my kids. I’m so very thankful for my family and friends who support me. It’s truly all appreciated.

So cheers to Chapter 38, because 37 has been an amazing year. I look forward to even better days and years to come.

Until next time…


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