100 Camps Strong

Okay, so I’m super excited because I hit 100 workout camps at the gym that I go to. When I hit 50 I think I was just as excited, but hitting 100 I never thought that I could do, but I did it.

My gym makes it a big deal for you and it makes it so special. What I mean by special is, you take a pic, you’re celebrated during/after class, like it’s a a great accomplishment and I feel they are amazing for celebrating everyone like this. Like I literally felt as if it was my birthday, lol.

Burn Boot camp is the name of the gym I go to and I’ve met some amazing people. They are basically my family now. They are very inspiring and we bring out the best in each other. I love them AND no I am not being paid to say any of this. I genuinely love my Burn Boot camp family.

Burn boot camp keeps me motivated. Exercising in general keeps me motivated. I didn’t always look at exercising this way. I looked at exercising as if I HAD to do it because it was the RIGHT THING TO DO. Now I love to exercise because I love the way it makes me feel.

Everyone has their own goals as I mentioned and if you’ve been following me (well I hope you have) you would know that my goals are to become stronger.

Exercising is important for someone with MS. For me exercising has helped me with my balance and strength. In the beginning, I was scared to exercise as I thought exercising would cause me more pain and fatigue. But really it has made me feel better. I have more energy and I am more mobile.

I’ve noticed that since I’ve exercised more I have to listen to my body more. If my body is tired, I will not exercise and I will rest. I do not want to over exert myself and cause an unnecessary flare up. What is a flare up? All of the symptoms I posted in my last blog, go check it out.

When I started exercising I started out slow because you have to figure out what exercises work best for you. For me, I do a boot-camp style workout 4-6 days a week depending on how my body feels. Remember, you have to listen to your body, always. I’ve noticed when I wasn’t working out I seemed to always be in a brain fog and always fatigued. My fellow MS’ers know about the brain fog.

Ultimately, I feel like by me working out reguarly will kick depressions butt and the moodiness, which in often accompanies MS.

So why not workout… there are so many benefits. I feel like if there is anything that will help me feel better, live better, and be better….why not.

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