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Are you ready to transform your life? If so, you have found the right place. Hi, I’m LaKeisha and I am your Spiritual Empowerment Coach. I use a combination of my intuitive gifts and powerful transformation tools to guide, unblock, and help align and rediscover yourself.

Coaching & Healing

I will help you transform old traumas and wounds; helping you become more aligned with your better self. Helping you to live your most authentic life. I will help you:

Our product ( Ormus)

1 Oz $ 55.55
2 Oz $ 77.77

Ormus is a life-saving element found in living beings. Even a human brain contains 5% of Ormus which can be increased with the right amount of eating habits and lifestyle behavior. In the alternative medicine, they are believed to resolve many severe health issues.

Ormus is a supplement which when taken regularly brings the body in the most desirable state. It increases the level of good hormones, fights toxins and chemicals, and improves the vital body functioning.

* Before use consult your physician as Ormus as a substance has not been FDA approved.

Some holistic benefits of Ormus are:


* Correct The DNA Structures
It can restore the original DNA structure. Enhancing the healing speed in case of injuries.

* Controls Food Cravings
Holistic Kei’s Ormus is a super nutritious element which controls food cravings.


* Slows Down Aging Process
Aging is a natural body process that is irreversible. Nevertheless, Holistic Kei’s Ormus can help you achieve this. It does so by slowing the onset of aging. It also boosts your brain’s memory process.

* Improves Mental Ability
Holistic Kei’s Ormus improves mental ability too. It increases the brain functioning and activates the brain generating neurons to act more effectively and efficiently. It in turns gives clarity and focus, heightened senses, calmness, emotional healing, and by clear thinking.

* Boosts Immunity
An enhanced immune system is another advantage of Holistic Kei’s Ormus. It enhances the immune system and thus prevents infections from foreign agents.


Why choose Holistic Kei’s Ormus:

It’s a life-changing holistic alternative to medicine. My products are packed with natural ingredients and promote optimal health. However, everybody’s body is different and reacts differently to different things.

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